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Emergency opening of cars

An emergency opening of a car may be necessary in many cases, which we will discuss below. And if you have such a problem — then all the details in the site.

In practice, it turned out that customers do not quite correctly understand how the car is opened. This method is the most correct, since the machine does not receive any damage at all. Damage is also excluded, incl. microcracks in the paintwork, which often occur when unprofessional methods of opening a car door are used, by pressing the door. These damages can be both obvious, clearly visible scratches that occur during very rough and extremely unprofessional work, and hidden ones that are not visible to the naked eye. Over time, these microcracks inevitably lead to partial destruction of the paintwork, which requires expensive repainting.

So, clients, having heard from us that the autopsy will be carried out through the keyhole of the car, often ask the question:

— Will the lock still work, or will it have to be replaced?

When opening with an expensive specialized tool, in 100% of cases the lock remains fully functional, since the lock is turned due to the imitation of the key in the lock, and not due to its force breaking. For a lock, this means that it was opened by turning the native key.

In addition, when opening a car with a special tool, the lock benefits. Most car owners rarely, if not at all, use the key to close / open the door of their car, and the elements of the lock from dirt lose their mobility and “turn sour”. The master during work flushes the lock from dirt with WD-40 liquid and restores the mobility of the working elements of the lock with his manipulations. That is, in addition to everything, the client receives, free of charge, the service of washing and preventing the lock.

Let’s make a reservation right away that the apparent ease and speed of opening in video materials on other resources is due to three factors:

«greenhouse» conditions of the workshop: the lock is not in a real door, but in a vise + no influence of adverse weather factors, a comfortable posture for work, etc.
knowledge by the master of the code of a particular lock, since it has been opened many times before.
good condition of the lock after cleaning and wear prevention.
In practice, the time required to open the lock is from 5 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the specific car model and the technical condition of the lock.

And there is another way to open the lock — a criminal burglary, a power twist with the so-called rolls. Here is an example of a tool for this type of hack:

roll-ups for cars

The roll is an imitation of a key blade, only made of a more durable material. The other end of the roll is made in the form of a hexagon for a wrench. Using the wrench lever, the roll is turned with force by the crook in the lock, while breaking all the locking elements of the mechanism.

The method is not professional, it is used mainly by hijackers or low-skilled craftsmen.

By the way, remember the beginning of the movie «Boomer», when the main characters stole a BMW under the windows of the house. The opening of the car door with a roll-up in this episode is viewed as nowhere better.

Folding the mechanism always leads to the breaking of the lock and requires its further replacement.

But not always and not all car locks can be “turned off”. Many automakers use protection against this type of hacking, and even turning around, the lock will not open.

To summarize: opening a car lock with a master key does not leave any damage and is the most correct type of opening when providing this kind of service to car owners.